The history of Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant dates back to the thirties of the past century. From 1930 to 1985, Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant was part of Gomselmash enterprise as a workshop, which provided tools and equipment for the production of the first combine harvesters manufactured in our country. Even currently, tools and industrial equipment for seed planters, modern forage harvesters, and grain combine harvesters, produced by our enterprise, are used in each and every piece of state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and equipment manufactured in the Gomel Region. We produce over 1000 articles of equipment for Gomselmash production enterprise. Against the background of economic transformations taking place in the country, Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant (“GZSITO”) became an independent legal body on March 26, 1985. Currently, GZSITO is included in Gomselmash JSC as its branch plant.

Our plant possesses has adopted experience of many generations of toolmakers. We also extensively use cutting edge production technologies.

GZSITO has personnel and production capacities at its disposal, which allow it to deal with the emerging challenges successfully. More than 1000 workers are employed by GZSITO; they are top-ranked professionals in the field of tools, accessories and equipment manufacture.

Nowadays, Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant means:

  • tool workshop No. 1, which is dedicated to production of press molds, casting equipment, hot dies, dies parts and instrumentation;
  • tool workshop No. 2, which is dedicated to production of cold-stamping dies, welding accessories and accessories for machining;
  • tool workshop No. 3, which is dedicated to production of metal-cutting tools;
  • forging and heat-treatment shop, in which production of semi-finished products and heat treatment of products are implemented.

All plant’s workshops are equipped with cutting edge equipment for high-end production. All of the foregoing, as well as use of modern machining center units and electroerosive machining tools allows executing most complicated orders promptly, with the accuracy of manufacture of tools and equipment in the range from 0.01 to 0.005 mm, thus ensuring high quality and meeting the main target of the Quality Management System ISO9001-2001, adopted by the enterprise.

In Belarus, GZSITO is known as a gainful enterprise, which plays a leading part in the Belarusian industry. GZSITO is in close cooperation with companies in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan; it executed orders for various Tunisian, German, Israeli, and US companies.

The plant produces:

  • special-purpose tools on the basis of the customer’s design;
  • instrumentation (plain, threaded, cone and splined plugs and ring gauges, external gauges and template tools);
  • pattern equipment for casting, welding accessories and accessories for machining;
  • virtually all kinds of industrial equipment (cold-stamping dies, hot dies, press molds for rubber, plastic and non-ferrous metals casting;
  • metal cutting tools (reamers, counterboring tools, taps, thread rolls, broaches (with the length of up to 2000 mm), cutters, milling cutters, etc.);
  • non-standard equipment for various types of production;
  • fast moving consumer goods.

At the moment, the plant produces not only tool-related products, but also products designed for machine-building industry: turnover devices for railroad trucks manufacture, defrazers, load lifting mechanisms, machines and accessories for linen industry (flax tow preparing module MKP-1L, flax decoiler MR-1400, machine MSС-6.97, rolls for scutching-and-breaking machine, type MTA-1L).

The enterprise provides services associated with repair of flax processing equipment of any complexity, thermal treatment, electrodeposition, and vacuum deposition (titanium nitride).

In addition, at client’s request, Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant is ready not only to manufacture products, but also to develop the required technical documentation competently, using PRO/Engineer CAD/CAM system.

Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant is a modern, quickly developing enterprise, ready to collaborate in any field of its activities.