Our motto is “Fulfillment of customer’s desires is a law to us and a guarantee of success on the market”. The GZSITO’s quality policy is based on the principle of production of high-quality and competitive tools and industrial equipment, meeting the requirements of domestic and foreign customers, securing steady profit and market expansion.

Our constant goals:

  • sustainable use of resources and energy efficiency;
  • enhancing efficiency of cooperation with suppliers of materials and component parts for the purpose of improvement of product quality;
  • meeting requirements, demands and expectations of customers and the owner of the enterprise;
  • constant improvement, enhancing the efficiency and consistency of the quality management system;
  • revamping of the production equipment;
  • constant increase of employees satisfaction index.

In 2007, our enterprise developed, adopted and obtained certification for a quality management system (QMS) for industrial equipment and tools production. In 2010 we successfully completed re-certification for the QMS according to Standards of the Republic of Belarus, ISO9001.

In order to enhance competitiveness of our products and improvement of their quality, our enterprise successfully completed certification of such products as: inserted blade for shell-end milling cutters; spline broaches; lathe cutters with carbide blades. It is an evidence of high quality of our products and quality management system consistency.

In 2010, Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant was awarded a laureate diploma of the Premium of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality assurance for introduction of highly efficient methods of quality management and manufacture of competitive products on such basis.

Any entity depends on its customers, and therefore it must understand their current needs, meet their demands and seek to exceed customer’s expectations. Information, which we will obtain from the inquiry form filled in by you, will allow us to improve our enterprise’s performance and to further increase of products and services quality. Please, fill in this inquiry form and send it to us.

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Currently, our enterprise offers its customers virtually all types of industrial equipment, cutting tools, and instrumentation. Along with this, top-quality is ensured for these products. To achieve such quality, first of all, we take conscious efforts for fixed assets renewal, which is required for manufacture of state-of-the-art and competitive products. Thus, in the past few years electroerosive machining tools, grinding, milling, lathe machines, a vacuum furnace, a coordinate measurement machine of Swiss, German, and Italian manufacture appeared in the plant’s production facilities, which allow us to ensure accuracy of tools and equipment production from 0.01 to 0.005 mm. In particular, these machines include such famous world-class brands as: Kellenberger, Omicron, DMG, HERMLE, SCHMETZ. Sharmilestechnology («Roboform», «Rоbofil»), ArthurKlinkGmbH,. Clearly, our machine tool fleet includes equipment of Belarusian manufacture, if quality of such equipment is not inferior to that of foreign-made equipment. We have mastered the production of carbide monolith tools (which is utilized in machine building industry) using machine tools from a manufacturer from the Vitebsk Region(«Vizas»). Using such tools, top-quality milling cutters and centering devices may be produced. They have already been appreciated by the first customers – workers of Gomselmash, a machine building enterprise, and we are sure that other customers will also appreciate such quality.

Modern, state-of-the-art equipment ensures considerable advantages not only in respect of the product quality, but also in respect of significant reduction of tools manufacture time and production volume increase. At client’s request, the plant is ready not only to manufacture products, but also to develop the required technical documentation competently, using PRO/Engineer CAD/CAM system. Our process engineers use the following software: Pro/Engineer, Unigraphix. In order to monitor trends and innovations in the field of tools production, our experts actively attend machine building and equipment procuction industry exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.

Works Specifications Processing parameters Typical examples of products
1 Lathing O max. 1000 / L max. 5000, part weight - 5 t. Machining accuracy – Н7, Ra 3.2 1.6, straight turning operation. 0.05. Axles, simple male punches, rolls, wheels, pulleys, etc.
2 Turning-and-boring lathe machining O max. 2500 / H max. 1000, part weight - up to 8 t. Machining accuracy – Н8 , Ra -3.2-6.3; straight turning operation. 0.2 Cowls, rings, discs, etc.
3 Milling machine processing Part dimensions: 600х2000х6000 25 t Machining accuracy – Н8, Ra 1.6, nonflatness - 0,05 Plates, guides, blocks, supports, etc.
4 Works using a horizontal boring machine Part dimensions: 2000х2000х1000 Machining accuracy – Н8, Ra 1.6 Enclosures, supports, etc.
5 Works using a jig boring machine Part dimensions: 630х1000х2000 Machining accuracy – Н6, Ra 0.63 Enclosures, panels, plates, etc.
6 Gear-milling (gear-shaping) works Max. module - 12 Max. diameter -1000 Gear wheels
7 Cylindrical grinding Outer dimensions: Omax. = 455, Lmax. = 1000, weight = 0.25 t Machining accuracy – Н6, Ra 0.2 Axles, simple male punches
Inner dimensions: Omax. = 350, Lmax. = 2000, weight = 25 t Machining accuracy – Н6, Ra 0.2 Bushings, rings
Face grinding Part dimensions: 1000х4000, weight = 2.0 t Machining accuracy – Н6, Ra 0.2 Plates, cutters, guides, etc.
8 Assembly and welding works Steel structures. Up to 20 t. Semi-automatic and manual electric-arc welding of structural and alloy steel. Semi-automatic welding in CO2 and argon. Supports, stands, platforms, tables, frameworks, posts, etc.
9 Thermal treatment Hardening, tempering, annealing, carbonization of structural and alloy steel, vacuum thermal treatment, quenching of Р6М5 HRC 67 Reducer parts, cutters, rolls, tools, etc.
10 Gas cutting 3000х8000 Sheet workpieces

New modern equipment of GZSITO

1. 5-axis CNC machining center with a function of lathe work HERMLE C60U MT.


  • X axis motion – 1200 mm
  • Y axis motion – 1300 mm
  • Z axis motion – 900 mm
  • maximal workpiece diameter – 1200 mm
  • maximal workpiece height – 900 mm
  • max. load on the bench during milling – 2500 kg
  • spindle RPM – 18000
  • Max. RPM for the stock table during lathing – 400 мин-1
  • max. load on the bench during lathe work – 1500 kg
  • positioning accuracy - +/- 5 μm

2. 5-axis CNC machining center with a function of lathe work HERMLE C40U.


  • X axis motion – 850 mm
  • Y axis motion – 700 mm
  • Z axis motion – 500 mm
  • maximal workpiece diameter – 1200 mm
  • maximal workpiece height – 900 mm
  • max. load on the bench during milling – 1500 kg
  • spindle RPM – 18000
  • positioning accuracy - +/- 5 μm

3. 5-axis CNC wire-EDM machine ONA AF60.


  • X axis motion – 800 mm
  • Y axis motion – 600 mm
  • Z axis motion – 500 mm
  • angle/height of the workpiece ± 30°/400 mm
  • maximal workpiece dimensions – 1300х1040х500 mm
  • maximal workpiece weight – 5000 kg
  • roughness, Ra <0.2 li="">
  • attainable accuracy, Tkm 2.5 μm

4. 5-axis CNC wire-EDM machine CUT 30.


  • X axis motion – 600 mm
  • Y axis motion – 400 mm
  • Z axis motion – 350 mm
  • angle/height of the workpiece ± 25°/300 mm
  • maximal workpiece dimensions – 1050х800х350 mm
  • maximal workpiece weight – 1000 kg
  • roughness, Ra<0.2 li="">
  • attainable accuracy, Tkm 2.5 μm

5. Computer controlled profile grinders ArthurKlink ВМ2000 CNC for manufacture of involute spline broaches, broach bits and shafts, straight- or spiral-fluted.


  • Weight of the workpiece – up to 1000 kg
  • Length of the workpiece – up to 1000 mm
  • Diameter of the workpiece (using steady rests) – up to 250 mm
  • Diameter of the workpiece (no steady rests) – up to 390 mm
  • Dimensional accuracy (using rollers) – 3 μm
  • Slot width – 3 μm
  • Tangential pitch error – 5 μm

6. OD grinding machines OMICRON 2000 ET3


  • Center-to-center distance – 2030 mm
  • Grinding length – 2030 mm
  • Center height – 180 mm
  • Grinding diameter – 355 mm
  • Weight of a workpiece held between centers – 250 mm
  • Bench rotation – + 6° / - 2°

Workpiece headstock

  • Workpiece RPM - 0-300
  • Spindle hole diameter – 31 mm
  • Spindle inside taper – from MK5
  • Workpiece headstock rotation: 90°

Back poppet

  • Quill stroke – 50 mm
  • Quill diameter – 50 mm
  • Quill inside taper – MK4

Grinding head

  • Wheel RPM – 1600
  • Grinding head rotation - 0 - 90°
  • Grinding wheel dimensions – 450х20-80х127 mm

7. Computer controlled coordinate measuring machine «Hexagonmetrology» SF 092008


  • Measuring range along the axis of coordinates: X - 900 mm; Y - 2000 mm; Z – 800 mm.
  • Error: MPEE = from 1.4 + L/333 μm (15 °C – 30 °C)
  • Optical rule resolution – 0.03 μm
  • Scanning accuracy ТНР - 2.5/45 µm/sec.
  • Repeating accuracy – 1.4 µm
  • Max. weight of the workpiece – 1800 kg

8. 7 Axial instrument arm, NICON METROLOGY NV MCAx35 for production and quality control of large size hull structures and welded structures


  • Working area diameter – 7 m
  • Number of degrees of freedom – 7
  • Measurement error – 0.125 mm
  • Repeating accuracy – 0.099 mm

9. Computer controlled vertical vacuum heat-treatment furnace «SCMETZ» CU 280/2F, 10 bar.


  • Working place size – 800*2000 mm
  • Furnace maximal load – 1000 kg
  • Maximal temperature in the furnace – during hardening 1350 0 С, during tempering 850 0 С
  • Uneven temperature distribution in the heating zone – ±5 (Т>2000 С)