Our enterprise cooperates extensively with all major machine building plants and companies (and other plants and companies) in the Republic of Belarus; among such companies are:

Export trade increase has been the plant’s focal area for the past few years. The strategic export directions for GZSITO are the Russian Federation and Ukraine. As to non-CIS countries, we export our products predominantly to the Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Our major customers include such enterprises in Russia and Ukraine as Rostselmash (combine harvesters works), Volgotekhservis, Energomash, Ukrainskiy Kardan, Roslavl Railway-Car Repair Works, Tutaev Engine Works, Aleksino Experimental Mechanical Plant, Rostov Press and Cutting Works, etc.


Izhstal JSC, Izhevsk, Russian Federation /DorenbergEdelstahlGmbH, Engelskirchen, Germany/ Interstal LLC BY (Kolodishchy) - authorized dealer of Oskol Steel Works, Russian Federation / Splavbelinvest ALC, Minsk - authorized dealer of Pobedit JSC, Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation / Promshtamp LLC, Logoysk - authorized dealer of Tyazhpressmash, Russian Federation, etc.