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Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant gives special attention to pattern equipment production. At your request, we can produce pattern equipment of virtually any degree of complexity. Works are implemented using modern milling complexes and cutting-edge modeling and designing technologies. Models for such equipment may be designed by our experts or directly provided by customers. To get complete information about production capabilities, terms of purchase and prices, please call the phone numbers, specified in “Contact Details for Order Placement” section, or send us a message using our website.
Pattern equipment

Pattern equipment is a prototype of future products. The way a pattern is produced is the basis for quality product manufacture. The prices for pattern equipment are calculated on the basis of labor efforts require for its production and the cost of materials. GZSITO manufactures pattern equipment from metal alloys. Production of a pattern complex is usually expensive, therefore, careful and time-sensitive approach is required in this respect, when manufacturing large batches of products.

Pattern equipment: casting patterns, - gate system patterns, - pattern plates, - coreboxes.

For all matters concerning design and production of pattern equipment, please contact our marketing and external relations department, phone: +375 232 59-18-83, email: