Gate system patterns

A gating system is a combination indentations and cavities in a mold, through which liquid melted metal (or plastic) is fed to the channel of the press mold (injection mold) for pressure-die casting. A gating system consists of a pouring basin, a sprue, a collector, a choke and an air gate. Depending on the melt feeding location, gating systems are classified as drop, bottom, side, and step gating systems. After the melted metal cools down, the gating system stops its operation and is used for melting down.

GZSITO offers services for production of press molds and casting patterns of any complexity. For our production we use cutting edge technologies: the machine is equipped with a specialized gating system for feeding material to the shaping plane, and the finished product is obtained using a knockout system. To get complete information about models of foundry products, terms of purchase and prices, please call the phone numbers, specified in “Contact Details for Order Placement” section.