Non-standard equipment

Flax tow preparing module MKP-1B

A flax tow preparing module is used to treat scutching hards of flax straw to obtain beaten tow.

The module is a stationary device, which is used at the enterprises of primary flax processing. It is installed in the line of beaten tow production downstream the dryer.

 the module includes four sequential sections: a shaker section, a breaking and thinning section, a scutching section and another shaker section.

The operating principle of the module:  Processable scutching hards, after treatment in a dryer, are fed to the first shaker section, where, by means of vibrating needles of the shaker zone, they are pre-delignated, and formed in a layer with a uniform width and thickness, whereafter they are transported to the breaking and thinning section of the module.

  The breaking and thinning section ensures three-fold thinning of the material, breaking of chaff, as well as partial parallelization of the fibers. It is implemented by means of alternating spiked roller kit and two pairs of ribbed breaking rollers. For the reliable feeding of the material into the scutching section, the last pair of the breaking rollers (with oval ribbed profile or smooth rollers) is used. The chaff, which is removed in the course of material movement, is fed to a hopper, and further – to the pneumatic conveyor system.

   From the first section, the layer of raw material is fed to the pressing trough of the second section feeding device, by means of which it is fed to the second section scutching drum. In order to ensure better contact with beater bars of the scutching drum, an air jet, created by a fan, is directed to the layer of the material. Using the beater bars of the scutching drum, the layer is separated into individual small complexes. Chaff, contained in the material, is separated intensively and fed to the pneumatic conveyor system via the grid. After treatment in the second scutching section, the material (beaten tow) is fed via the grid to the shaker section, where, by means of vibrating needles of the shaker zone and the grid, it is delignated by repeated shaking; then, the chaff is fed to the pneumatic conveyor system, and beaten tow (in a form of a continuous layer) is fed further to the package forming step.

Advantages of the machine

  • Scutching section
  • The pressing mechanism of the scutching section feeding unit ensures adjustable grip of the layer of the processed scutching hards along its width.
  • A device for mechanical lifting of the breaking and thinning section rollers is provided for.

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