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Design and production of press molds One of the key activities of Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant is production of press molds for rubber, plastic and non-ferrous metals casting. To get complete information about our technological capabilities and prices for press molds, please call the phone numbers, specified in “Contact Details for Order Placement” section, or send us a message using our website. Our experts will promptly provide the reply to you on a case-by-case basis. We are ready to produce and design customized press molds for you.
Press molds

A press mold is a device for production of three-dimensional workpieces (items) from metal, plastics, rubber, melted compounds on the basis of paraffin and stearin, ceramic materials, and other materials under pressure, created by means of a casting machine or a press. Press molds are used for pressure-die casting of metals and polymer materials, investment casting, polymer materials pressing. Press molds are classified as follows: manual, semi-automatic and automatic; portable, semi-portable and fixed press-molds, horizontally and vertically split molds. A press mold may include one or several shaping cavities, which represent the reverse imprint of the external surface of the workpiece. When casting hollow products, their internal cavities are formed by punches (cores). Parts of press forms are made of carbon or alloy steel, non-ferrous metals alloys, plaster, and other materials. Depending on the material and requirements towards the workpiece, produced in the press mold, a defined temperature balance must be maintained. To adjust press mold temperature, steam or water, supplied via apertures in the plate; special heating rings with a semiconducting layer; electric heating elements, etc. may be used. Manufacture of semi-finished and finished products using casting machines and presses is characteristic to serial production and large-volume production, e.g. in motor, radio engineering, and electrical industry.

The process of press molds manufacturing at our enterprise includes a range of significant phases: 

Modeling and preproduction: design documents and a 3D-model of the press mold are prepared.

Production of the press molds: production of elements of the construction, thermal treatment, assembly;

Finishing and testing: mechanical refining. As a rule, this phase does not require much time, provided that the previous two phases have been implemented in a proper manner.

Press molds are the most popular means for plastics and rubber processing. The value of a press mold is directly related to the complexity of the product, number of cavities, quality of the materials, and production capacity. However, the cost of products, produced using press molds, is low, therefore, use of press molds is economically feasible. Time of manufacture of press molds at our enterprise varies from 25 to 90 days.

In the course of manufacture of such tools, high-precision equipment of Swiss and German production is used: EDM machines Robofil and Roboform, Hermle, Decel-Maho machining centers, ensuring high machining accuracy for the most significant parts. Press molds (with maximum measurement range up to 1100 mm):

Press molds for investment casting simple, medium complexity, complex, size accuracy degree – up to 12.

Casting press molds - with split dies and simple one-piece female dies, with simple, double, telescopic, and complex punches.

Press molds for plastic casting (dimensions: up to 600х750х560): forging press molds, injection press molds, blow press molds.

Press molds for industrial rubber articles (IRA): - forging multi-impression press molds, injection multi-impression press molds.

For all matters concerning design and production of press molds, please contact our marketing and external relations department, phone: +375 232 59-18-83, email: