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Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant offers you services associated with design and manufacture of welding and assembling accessories, as well as special-purpose accessories. For more detailed information about prices for accessories, please call the phone numbers, specified in “Contact Details for Order Placement” section. We look forward to working with you.

Accessories and machine tools is a range of various tools and devices, used for proper functioning of equipment. Holding accessories are used in the course of components and general assembly of products. They are widely available tools for manual assembly operations, as well as tools for automated equipment. Assembly accessories allow for quick installation and fastening of the product’s mating parts. Depending on their purpose, they are classified into universal and special purpose assembly accessories. Universal accessories are used in single piece production and low-scale production. Universal accessories include assembly beams, plates, prisms, angle bars, G-clamps, lifting jacks, etc. Special purpose accessories are applied in large-scale and high-volume production for certain assembly operations (equipment and accessories for fastening of machines and their elements, bending accessories, etc.)

Специалисты предприятия имеют большой опыт в проектировании и изготовлении приспособлений. Нашими заказчиками приспособлений являются: ООО "Комбайновый завод Ростсельмаш", Холдинг "Гомсельмаш", "Тихвинский вагоностроительный завод" и другие.  

For all matters concerning design and production accessories, please contact our marketing and external relations department, phone: +375 232 59-18-83,