Buy Reamers
Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant sells reamers of various types, other special-purpose tools and industrial equipment. To get complete information about our product range and prices, please call the phone numbers, specified in “Contact Details for Order Placement” section.

A reamer is a cutting device, designed for final processing of cavities after drilling, counterboring and bore operations. A reamer is a high-precision tool, which has an long service life. Use of reamers allows for obtaining of size accuracy degree up to 6-9 and product surface roughness of up to Ra=0.32…125 µm. High degree of accuracy is achieved by use of large number of reamer’s cutting teeth (from 4 to 14), which allows cuting of a thin layer of material. The most widely-spread and effective type of the tool is carbide reamers, which are noted for their high operational efficiency and wear resistance. Combined reamer and counterbore tool, combined drill and counterbore tool and countersinking drill with carbide blades help to combine two operations: to obtain a cavity with the required shape, size accuracy degree and roughness.

conical hand reamers, with conical metric taper shank (taper ratio 1:20) GOST 10080-71; taper shank conical hand reamers (taper ratio 1:50) GOST 10081-84; taper shank conical hand reamers (type 2) GOST 1672-80, straight fluted; parallel shank conical hand reamers (taper ratio 1:50) GOST 11177-84, straight fluted; conical reamers (taper ratio 1:7) GOST 11180-71; conical reamers (taper ratio 1:10) GOST 11179-71; conical reamers for shortened Morse tapers, GOST 11181-71; conical reamers with parallel Morse taper shank, GOST 11182-71; conical reamers with parallel shank for metric tapers, GOST 11183-71; shell-type solid machine reamers for light alloy parts machining, GOST 20388-74 straight-toothed, and GOST 20389-74 spiral-fluted; shell-type solid machine reamers with end teeth for light alloy parts machining, GOST 20390-74; shell-type machine reamers with inserted HSS blades for light alloy parts machining, GOST 20392-74; machine reamers with carbide blades, GOST 28321-89 (type 1), with a taper shank; machine reamers with carbide blades, GOST 28321-89 (type 2), shell type; cylinder hand reamers GOST 7722-77, version 1, straight fluted; cylinder hand reamers, GOST 7722-77 version 2 spiral-fluted.