Conical reamers

Conical reamers are used for reaming of conical cavities (e.g. designated for tool or rivet tapers). The reamers are produced with a special conical shank, which serves for fixing them in the machine or for fixing them in a holder with a square hole (for manual operation). In the course of conical cavities processing, when removal of significant oversize is required, several conical reamers may be used.

  • conical reamers (taper ratio 1:7) GOST 11180-71
  • conical reamers with parallel shank for metric taper, GOST 11183-71
  • conical reamers with parallel Morse taper shank, GOST 11182-71
  • conical reamers for shortened Morse tapers, GOST 11181-71
  • conical reamers (taper ratio 1:10) GOST 11179-71