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Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant offers cutters of various types and versions for sale, produced according to GOST standards and on the basis of customer’s design. Purchase our cutting tools and other technological equipment – We are and will remain your reliable partner.

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A cutter is a cutting tool with one straight, curved or profiled incisal surface, designed to process parts of various shapes, sizes, as well as from various materials. Cutters are often used in the course of lathe and planing operations and operations involving the corresponding machines. A cutter consists of the so-called “tool head”, a holder for the cutting part, and a body (a toolholder). Cutters are used for cutting off material until a workpiece with the required size, shape and accuracy parameters is obtained. A cutter, fixed in the machine, and a workpiece move in relation to one another, contacting with each other, then, the cutting edge cuts into the material and cuts off a layer of the material in the form of facings. Depending on the type of work, cutters are classified as follows: metal-working cutters, forming cutters and thread cutters, undercutting tools, offset tools, side-facing tools, grooving tools and other types of cutters.

Гомельский завод специнструмента и технологической оснастки, так же предлагает резцы расточные 2140-0000 ГОСТ 18882-73, резцы токарный расточной для обработки глухих отверстий  2141-0000 ГОСТ 18883-73, резцы строгальные чистовые 2173-0000 ГОСТ 18892-73, резцы токарные резьбовые  2660-0005 ГОСТ 1885-73, резцы резьбовые для внутренней метрической резьбы  2662-0007 по ГОСТ 18885-73 и другие по ГОСТ и чертежам заказчика.

По вопросам приобретения, изготовления резцов обращаться в отдел маркетинга и внешних связей и отдел продаж, ГЗСИиТО по тел. +375 232 59-28-58, +375 232 59-18-83, либо по