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The key activity of Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant is production of cold sheet-metal stamping dies and hot forging dies. Die production is a complicated and technology intensive task, that’s why such works are implemented using cutting-edge German and Swiss equipment, ensuring high accuracy of machining of die intermediates. In addition, we are ready to produce custom-build dies for you. Dies in Gomel.

Stamping – plastic form change of a workpiece according to specified dimensions using hot or cold stamping method. Depending on the type of the workpiece, die forging or sheet stamping may be used. By means of sheet-metal stamping, sheets, strands, strips of material are processed, by means of die forging – profiled bars (round, square, rectangular), rods.

At Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Works, an innovative process of parts manufacture is applied in the course of dies production, which uses high-precision German and Swiss equipment. EDM machines Robofil-290R, and Roboform-22, Hermle and Deckel-maho machining centers allow us to implement machining of heat-treated dies key parts with high accuracy.

Use of state-of-the-art equipment in manufacture allows us to produce dies with high functional reliability assurance, as the utilized machining centers and CNC EDM machines provide for manufacture of shaping tools with orifices having complex shape and high accuracy.

GZSITO can produce customary hot forging dies: hammer dies for hammers with moving parts with the weight of 1000, 2000, 3150, and 5000 kg, both single-impression and multiple-impression dies. Accuracy of preparatory and finishing impressions according to accuracy degree 12. The maximal dislocation of the strand of the upper half of the die to the lower one in assembly in any direction, for hammers with the weight up to 2000 kg - 0.2 mm, for hammers with the weight from 2000 kg to 5000 kg - 0.3 mm. Dies for hot-forging two-crank presses, heading dies for horizontal forging machines.

Cold sheet-metal stamping dies having weight up to 20 t: plain dies, progressive dies, double-action dies, and combination dies. Dies for shearing operations: cutting off, - cutting with off-cuts, - cutting with no off-cuts, - blanking (perforation), - notching, - piercing, - cutting off, - punching, - slotting. Shaping dies for the following operations: bending, coiling, calibration, flattening, extrusion, ironing, combined extrusion, beading, swaging, bulge forming, rolling-up, caulking, prick punching.

For all matters concerning design and production of dies, please contact our marketing and external relations department, phone: +375 232 59-18-83,