Cold-stamping dies

Various flat and tree-dimensional parts are manufactured using cold sheet stamping. A characteristic feature of parts, produced by this method, is that the desired wall width of such parts corresponds approximately to the workpiece width, which conditions the necessity to use workpieces made from materials with sufficient plastic properties. Typically, cold-stamping dies include a unit with guide posts, in which deforming parts, accessories and other elements are located. Usually, the guide posts and guide bushings are made to be particularly strain-resistant to ensure secure guiding in the course of stamping and under strain.

Cold sheet-metal stamping dies having weight up to 20 t: plain dies, progressive dies, double-action dies, and combination dies.

Cold stamping is characterized by maximal efficiency, relatively low waste ratio, ability t o produce high-precision and complex products, as well as low energy consumption. By means of cold forging, more complex semi-finished and finished products are produced, up to the 8th size accuracy degree, as well products having surface roughness with the length up to 10 µm.

Order cold stamping dies

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