Our motto is “Fulfillment of customer’s desires is a law to us and a guarantee of success on the market”. The GZSITO’s quality policy is based on the principle of production of high-quality and competitive tools and industrial equipment, meeting the requirements of domestic and foreign customers, securing steady profit and market expansion.

Our constant goals:

  • sustainable use of resources and energy efficiency;
  • enhancing efficiency of cooperation with suppliers of materials and component parts for the purpose of improvement of product quality;
  • meeting requirements, demands and expectations of customers and the owner of the enterprise;
  • constant improvement, enhancing the efficiency and consistency of the quality management system;
  • revamping of the production equipment;
  • constant increase of employees satisfaction index.

In 2007, our enterprise developed, adopted and obtained certification for a quality management system (QMS) for industrial equipment and tools production. In 2010 we successfully completed re-certification for the QMS according to Standards of the Republic of Belarus, ISO9001.

In order to enhance competitiveness of our products and improvement of their quality, our enterprise successfully completed certification of such products as: inserted blade for shell-end milling cutters; spline broaches; lathe cutters with carbide blades. It is an evidence of high quality of our products and quality management system consistency.

In 2010, Gomel Special-Purpose Tools and Industrial Equipment Plant was awarded a laureate diploma of the Premium of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality assurance for introduction of highly efficient methods of quality management and manufacture of competitive products on such basis.

Any entity depends on its customers, and therefore it must understand their current needs, meet their demands and seek to exceed customer’s expectations. Information, which we will obtain from the inquiry form filled in by you, will allow us to improve our enterprise’s performance and to further increase of products and services quality. Please, fill in this inquiry form and send it to us.

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